For over 25 years, David Ross has been teaching, performing, and entertaining in a variety of settings. His love of music and his dedication in helping create a new generation of musicians, has taken his career to new heights. As owner of his own piano studio, David has worked with countless students of all ages and walks of life in an effort to share his musical passions. By melding positivity, creativity, and technology, David brings a unique learning experience to his students. In facilitating the development of a well-rounded music student, David not only teaches piano, but also voice, theory, songwriting, arranging, composition, improvisation, and recording.
David’s musical training started at the age of six with formal classical piano lessons, and includes four years of classical percussion, and a year of classical voice training at the University of California, at Berkeley, where he earned his B.A. in music composition in 1995. He also earned his Certificate of Songwriting from UCLA in 1999.  David comes from a long line of family pianists, conductors, performers, and songwriters.
Writing and performing his own music, David’s songs and compositions have been played throughout the United States, as well as internationally, in Canada, Mexico, Russia, France, Australia, and Israel. His music combines elements of rock, pop, folk, new age and jazz to create a mixture of fresh and engaging sounds.
David has served as Music Director for Camp Ramah in California from 1994-1999 and was their Cultural Arts Director from 2000-2003, and 2010. For over 15 summers at Camp Ramah, David arranged and performed the music for over 80 musical productions. From 2003-2006, he directed an intergenerational musical ensemble with participants ranging in age from 7 to 93. David has served as the Music Director for the Denver branch of the Rocky Mountain Theater for Kids and was an accompanist for Kids Theatre West. He has also worked full-time as the Business Director for the JCC Ranch Camp in Denver. David is currently a cantorial soloist/song leader for Temple Micah in Park Hill and Judaism Your Way.
David lives in the Stapleton area of Denver with his wife Lauren and their two children Maya & Jacob.